Disabled Inmates

Inmates with disabilities have access to talking books, some books in Braille, TTY/TTD communication devices and to sign language interpreters.  All inmate areas, including those for religious purposes, are wheelchair accessible.  San Antonio College allows students to earn intern hours for sign language interpreters assisting at the Bexar County Jail. These interpreters only assist with the daily living needs.

Professional interpreters are used for the different legal aspects and requirements  necessary while an individual is incarcerated.

14 thoughts on “Disabled Inmates

  1. dee

    Dose anyone out there know the federal law on incoming and out going mail ? at bexar county jail I was told they can hold their mail incoming and outgoing until they are off restrictions ?

  2. Sandy

    My brother has been in jail 15 days. Today, finally I was able to post bail. During his stay he was denied access to a doctor for extremely low blood sugar of 50 accompanying with pain, light headed, and other symptoms. He was also having pain since his arrest in his ankle which,has screws and pins from having been shattered some years ago. The medical staff denied his request to see a doctor or be taken to the ER to be properly treated these entire two weeks. What is your criteria to follow on such cases and how can you ignore a human being civil liberties this way? Have already contacted legal and the ACLU. This kind of treatment is unacceptable by the Bexar County Jail or any jail for that matter.

    • admin

      Sandy – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a privately owned website that attempts to help people get through the complex systems at the jail. The medical staff at the jail is actually from the University Health System. They are the experts who determine whether an inmate needs to see a doctor or go to the hospital.

    • Roger

      Was there any assistance or resolve Sandy? My spouse is currently an inmate at Bexar County Jail. On Monday 11/30/2015, after consistent calling, he received half his meds, it took three weeks to get half of his regimen of medication that he must adhere to take everyday and he has requested many times to and has made a grievance. It is their responsibility to administer medication as doctor has set and further more denying medically necessary treatment violates rights under the Eighth Amendment’s. He already has an infection, which at this point, is an opportunistic infection from unabherence to treatment/medication. Thank you Sandy for pointing out that this is common practice, and that is unacceptable. Hope it all worked out for your brother.

  3. Rene

    They are not providing meds to HIV+ inmate for nearly a month; not only does that pose a risk for opportunistic infection that can kill the inmate w an already compromised immune system, it also leaves the rest of population open to infection and the only ones responsible is the jail for neglecting inmates medical needs, it’s cruel and unusual, how many others are they doing this too. Very troubling

  4. annette

    my husband was just taken in today to the bexar county jail, supposedly he’s suppose to be housed in the medical ward due to his COPD, will he be given an oxygen machine at bed time and as needed during the day, how will he get the medications he needs and how long will it take

  5. Ken

    Hi. My partner is currently in the bexar county jail. He is severely disabled. Has had over 20 back surgeries. Suffers chronic debilitating pain throughout his body due to the nerve issues caused by the back surgeries. He was stabbed in the neck before taken into custody at the hospital and transferred to jail. Now in jail, they wont let him go to medical to have the stab wounds checked which would mean that it will have been at least 2-3 days since the dressings have been changed. Previously, when they took him to medical, they made him walk the very long distance to get there. He cannot walk such long distances without severe pain. Also, because of his nerve damage, he asked them to please not make the cuffs so tight around his ankles which prompted them to make them TIGHTER. I understand that he’s made mistakes just as any other that winds up in jail. But, what gives them the right to treat a man in his late 50’s, with major disabilities, the way they do? It’s infuriating. And, when someone called the jail before to ask why he was being treated that way they started treating him worse. I’m not saying he deserves special treatment, but I believe that given his circumstances health wise that they could show a little humanity. Not just to him but to everyone. I’ve heard from him and others that bexar county jail is a hell hole where the guards treat you like you are subhuman garbage. And yes, he has had to sleep on the cold concrete floor. I’m sure you can imaging how that feels with all of his back issues and nerve issues. He doesn’t say anything because there will be retaliation. I don’t call for the same reason. What can be done to help? And how can it be changed so that they treat inmates with a little more basic human respect?

    • admin

      Ken – If you are too afraid of retaliation to file a complaint directly with the jail we suggest you file a complaint with the Texas Commission on Jail Standards. We have listed the link in our category Info for Inmates in the post titled Filing a Complaint with TCJS.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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