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Inmates are allowed to take classes to further their knowledge.  Classes available are Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Literacy; English as a Second Language; and Basic Computer Keyboarding & Application.  Basic Literacy teaches reading and writing skills.  Intermediate and Advanced Literacy have strong emphasis on reading, writing and mathematics.

Basic Computer Keyboarding & Application has three class types they offer:  Basic Computer Literacy Lectures, Computer Software Applications and Real-Word Applications.  Basic Computer Literacy helps an individual understand computer operations and components.  Computer Software Application teaches keyboarding and the different Microsoft use and programs (Word, Excel…).  Real-Word Applications teaches things like writing resumes and applications and various other topics.

The jail also offers G.E.D. preparatory classes.  They administer the test when they determine you are able to pass it.  If the inmate passes he will receive a G.E.D. certificate that has been approved through the Texas Education Agency.  To apply for any of these classes an inmate needs to fill out a Human Services Request Form (Appendix F).  One form per class.  Classes are offered on a first-come-first-serve basis.

12 thoughts on “Education Services

    • admin

      The Jail moved to the Comal location in 1988. In 1997 the mailing address was the same as it is now, 200 North Comal, 78207.

  1. Jill

    Can an inmate who is in seg, but not because he’s violent or in there for punishment for something he did in population, work on getting their GED?

    • admin

      Jill – That was a good question. We hadn’t gotten it before. The answer I got was that, no, they cannot work on their GED. All of those classes are considered privileges. Segregated prisoners have to be escorted everywhere and kept away from other inmates. The jail is suffering from a staffing shortage. They do not have the man power to escort segregated inmates more often than necessary so segregated inmates are not receiving that privilege.

  2. Alexandra

    I have a boyfriend in Bexar county jail in san Antonio Texas,I’m trying to find out if he tries to get his GED do y’all help him or how does this work? I think he’s in their for a felonie but can you plz contact me back..

    • admin

      Alexandra – The Jail offers GED classes when they can afford it. Sometimes their budget does not allow them to offer those classes.

  3. roberto

    My son took and passed the GED exam at the bexar county jail with other inmates in March 2013 but his GED certificate has not arrived and the other inmates’ got their certificates. Who does he or I have to contact to get a copy of it?

    • admin

      Roberto – Your son can file a grievance stating the problem. The paperwork to file grievances are in the day rooms. When a grievance is filed the claim must be looked into to see what the problem is.

    • admin

      Serna – We are not the Bexar County Jail. We are a private website that attempts to help the family and friends of inmates deal with the system. They jail does have GED classes but the instructors are volunteers. Sometimes the classes aren’t available consistently.

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