Inmate to Inmate Visit

Inmates are capable of visiting each other under certain circumstances.  To begin with there must be one of the four following relationships:  husband/wife, parent/child, grandparent/grandchild and siblings.  Then there has to be proof of the relationship.  If the information is not already documented in the Sheriff’s system someone will have to submit that proof to the jail.  Proof can be a copy of a birth certificate, marriage certificate, or if the marriage is common law then something showing both names listed such as a bill.  If the inmates meet all these requirements then they must put each other on their visitation lists.

To begin the process one of the inmates must fill out an inmate visit form that can be gotten from the Unit Officer.  Once the form is filled out ask the Unit Officer to forward it to the Inmate to Inmate Visit Coordinator.  The Coordinator will determine if the visit is going to be allowed.  They can refuse any visit but I believe the refusals are usually based on a safety issue.  If the visit is allowed the inmates can visit once a month for 15 minutes.  The visit will be set up on any day the coordinator decides on and is not subject to the regular visitation schedule.

Mail proof of a relationship to the:

Inmate Visit Coordinator/3rd Shift

200 N. Comal

San Antonio, Texas 78207

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      Valerie – We are confused by your question. If both of them are in jail, in different states, how can they visit each other?

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