Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA)

Everyone knows that bad things can happen in a jail environment.  One of those things is sexual assault.  Once a sexual assault claim is made, a PREA outcry, the jail is required to take a report and conduct an investigation.  (We are told that sometimes an inmate uses the PREA reporting system to report things that are not sexual assaults.  Those things will not be investigated under the PREA guidelines).

If you have a loved one in jail who is telling you he or she has been sexually assaulted or is facing sexual harassment you can tell him how to report the incident.

An inmate can use the inmate phone to call a confidential hotline (dial 0 then *511) or hotline support services (dial #55)


The inmate can speak to a staff member, detention supervisor, chaplain, social worker or health care worker.

Lastly, if the inmate is too intimidated to make the outcry himself, you can make it for him by filling out the PREA reporting form on this link.

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      Dameshia – The person in custody can always file a grievance if she feels something inappropriate is being done. You don’t mention the sex of the person watching her or what kind of detention she is in so it makes it hard to determine if something is really wrong or if she is just in a higher security unit.

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