Religious Services

The Bexar County Jail has chaplains that minister to the inmates.  They preach regarding Christianity rather than the different religions.  They also offer bible classes.  There is a chapel in both the Main Jail and the Annex where inmates can go to attend Catholic, Protestant and Muslim services.  The chaplains will make visits to the living units and offer individual and group counseling.  They will also give referrals to churches and agencies for when an inmate gets released.

The chaplain is also the person an inmate must go to, to request a religious diet.

If an inmate wants to request services from the chaplain he needs to fill out a Chaplaincy Request Form (Appendix G).  This will be a green form and is kept at the officer’s station.

NOTE:  The Sheriff’s office is not allowing marriages at this time.  

The chaplain cannot help you to get married inside the jail.  If a couple is intent on getting married they can be married by proxy.  What this means is the inmate can give someone else the authority to stand in his place at a marriage that occurs outside of the jail.  The request for a proxy marriage must be made through Human Services.  Chaplains can counsel an inmate that is considering a proxy marriage.

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    • admin

      The bible will have to be mailed directly from the publisher. You will not be allowed to give your son a rosary. However your son can ask for both items, the bible and the rosary, from the pastor in Human Services.

      • Linda

        If there is a Jehovah Witness conducting a bible study in the Bexar County jail I would like him to visit my son, Jason Laureigh..Date of today 11/7/2019 Thank you. Linda Laureigh

      • admin

        Linda – They have ministers who minister to all the faiths. They’re not religion specific.

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  1. Mary Ann Gonzales

    Will it be a Catholic bible? Is there any way to contact him so that he can get these items before he is bussed to Garza? He told his sister he would be leaving in about 15 days. Do I need to give you his name and SID?

    • admin

      He can ask for a Catholic version bible. To let him know he can get those items if he asks for them you will either have to wait for him to call or write to him.

  2. KATHY

    My son is at Bexar County jail and is interested in the AA program and counseling. He has filled out an inmate request form 3 times and talked with the guards who advise him to fill out the forms. Is there anything else he should be doing as he has not been given either. Thank you.

    • admin

      Kathy – We are not sure that the jail has an AA program. We will look into it. If there is a program and your son is not being given access then he should follow the grievance procedure.

      UPDATE – There is an AA program at the jail. Tell you son to ask the officer in his pod for a grievance form.

    • admin

      Sr. Khoulah – Services are offered in different faiths but there are not classes to teach any specific religion. Chaplains are available for inmates to speak to for advice.

    • admin

      Ana – First off, there is no guaranteed right to marry an inmate. The jail can refuse to allow a ceremony. But if you want to try your first step will be to contact the Chaplain at 210-335-6320.

  3. julia

    my son just recently got served a six year sentence. he is only 21 years old so this is a little scary for him facing the fact that he will tranfered to TDC soon. when and if any body reads this would you please give him a word of encouragement and spiritualy and will be gladly apperciated, thank you and god bless you and all your family.

    • admin

      Julia – We are not the Bexar County Jail. This is a private website designed to help the family and friends of people incarcerated in the Bexar County Jail. We have no way to get any information to your son.

  4. julia

    my son and daughter in law plan to get married but now my son has been sentence to TDC,For six years but where planning to get married is it possible for them to marry in the bexar county jail where my son is located. Or how does this work with rules and regulations and is it possible for them to marry?

  5. Tamika

    My brother is in study as an Jehovah’s Witness, is there a way he can have study with one of the Witnesses? Also, he has a Capital Murder case.

    • admin

      Tamika – There are volunteer Chaplains at the jail. There may not be a minister of every faith but they try to minister to all beliefs.

  6. Tamika

    I believe inmates can get married by “Marriage by Proxy” someone have to fill in for the inmate as well as has to have the form notarized.

    • admin

      Jeanie – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people who have to deal with the Bexar County jail system. You would have to contact the jail for that information.

    • admin

      Nanette – Contact the Sheriff’s Administration Office at 210-335-6010. They should be able to direct you to the correct area.

    • admin

      Pam – You can try going straight to the court his case is in. A judge has to approve funeral attendance.

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    • admin

      Giselle – You were in the right area on our website. Call and ask to speak to a chaplain. If you can’t get ahold of one, ask to speak to Sheriff’s Administration.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you

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