Calls from the Living Unit

Once an inmate is assigned to a unit he will have to follow the standard rules.  Phone calls are 15 minutes long.  When the time is up the phone will automatically disconnect.  There is no limit on the number of phone calls an inmate can make.  There used to be phone lists so the officers would know whose turn was next but more phones were added by the jail so inmates rarely have to wait to make a call.

Phone calls can be made by the inmate during normal day room hours which are usually from 8:00 am – 9:00 pm.  No phone calls are allowed to be made during meal time, commissary deliver and laundry exchange.  Inmates can only make collect calls.  They cannot receive calls into the Bexar County Jail.

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    • admin

      Sherry – Inmates can make a collect call or you can set up a prepaid account for them. To do that you will need to go through Evercom. We have a separate post dedicated specifically to Evercom. It’s under the Inmate Phone Calls section.

  1. Jennifer

    I heard recently that they can buy a phone card at the commissary? Is this true? Because I dont have the money to be accepting collect calls.

    • admin

      Jennifer – No, you cannot buy a phone card. The jail is no longer doing that. What you can do is contact ICSolutions. I believe they allow you to set up an account that you put money into. It basically works the same way as a phone card. Go to the category titled Inmate Phone Calls. Once you are there click on the link titled ICSolutions. The page that comes up will give you the information you need.

  2. Chris

    My wife is receiving a collect call from someone from the jail and is not sure who it is, (she has not answered the call) but the message says its from the jail, is there anyway to track who might be calling?

    • admin

      Shon – The phone company you use would be the ones to put minutes on your phone. If what you means is setting up a paid phone account you need to contact ICSolutions. You can find the information you need in the category “Inmate Phone Calls”. When you go to that category then go to the post titled “ICSolutions”.

  3. Sherri

    My husband has been making collect calls to me here in Plano, TX with no problems. Our last phone call was Dec. 3. The bill for Nov. has been paid, but he has not been able to call since then. What do I need to do to fix this?

    • admin

      Sherri – You need to contact ICSolutions to see what the problem is. Go to the category “Inmate Phone Calls”. Once there click on the ICSolutions link. It will give you information on how to contact them.

    • admin

      Kelly – From the home page of this site select the category titled “Inmate Phone Calls”. The categories are the ones on the left of the screen. Once you are in that category select the link “ICSolutions”. There is information there.

  4. Berry

    FYI….as of 1/21/13
    My brother is in the Bexar County Jail
    IC Solutions is the phone provider
    6.95 + tax to deposit funds into their account.
    Cost is $4.00 per call period.
    TouchPayDirect – to input funds on their commissary account. I made the mistake of thinking they could use the funds for the phone but it is not. They also charge a fee.

  5. Janie

    My husband is calling mr fro there but it very hard to hear him is there a amp on the phone where his vice would be clear thanks

    • admin

      Janie – Sorry, they have standard phones. A lot of inmates talk softly because they don’t want the other inmates around them to hear what is being said. Maybe that’s the problem.

  6. angel

    Just wanted to let everyone know not to make the same mistake I did..the annex and the count jail” main jail” are two diffrent phone conpanys..I scraped up 20 dolliars borrowing from friends and finding change in thecar n sofa just to put it in the phone. And them tell me that the county jail and annex have two fifteenth company’s..I was so upset luckily I got my money bak but by the time the took all the fees that they charge just for u to b connected ..( ice solutions almost $6.00 connection & $4.00 a call the annex phone company I’m not sure) all that was left was $3.00 🙁 not only that it wad going to take them3-5 buisness days to put it bak on my card..I had to try n get another $20 witch took me a week n a half later..Ppl of limited fund please b carefully.God bless n hope ur love ones r with u soon

    • admin

      Angel – We are publishing your post but believe there is something more going on here. The jail deals with ICSolutions. That is the only inmate phone company they use. It doesn’t make financial sense for them to have two different contracts for the two different buildings. They will go with the company that offers them the best deal while still meeting the jail’s needs. The only other company the jail deals with is Avaya but that is for the regular offices, not for the inmates. If you learn anything more please let us know.

  7. erika

    Does anyone know whats the latest that a inmate on the 6th floor lock down can make there calls when they get there hour out there cell

    • admin

      Erika – There is no limit for lock down inmates. Since they only get that one hour out of their cell they can do their necessary functions during that time, including making phone calls.

      • Tammy

        My understanding is that each one gets a different number. Mine always shows up consistently as (210) 501-0115 BUT my friend has mentioned something about calling and the caller ID showing up with a different number indicating to me that they have individual numbers.

  8. Debbie

    Can I receive collect calls from an inmate on my landline WITHOUT prepaying minutes thru IC Solutions? In other words can I pay my phone company for the collect charges?

  9. john

    my brother usually calls me everyday, however today I did not receive a call, could there have been an issue as to why he could not have made that call?

    • admin

      Charlie – That is to help if the call is long distance. Long distance calls have the additional long distance fees. You would still have to go through ICSolutions which is the company that the Bexar County Jail uses. If you get charged for long distance it may lower your cost but it is not a system that replaces ICSolutions, it is in addition to it.

    • admin

      Lily – You need to call ICSolutions for that information. The inmate call system is handled by that private company. Their number is 1-888-506-8407. Or you can go to their website for information. You can go to the category Inmate Phone Calls. Once there click on the link ICSolutions. We have a link on that page to their website.

    • admin

      Elaine – You will have to contact ICSolutions. All phone calls for inmates go through them. They are a private company that contracts with the Bexar County jail. You can call them at 1-888-506-8407.

  10. Eric

    I cant understand what the operator is saying to accept the incoming call from the jail…she says press 4???what is she saying??trying to accept a call now…Anybody know??

    • admin

      Karina – No. The jail contracts with a private company to handle inmate phone calls. You could contact ICSolutions at 1-888-506-8407 to see if they have any kind of payment plan.

    • admin

      Heather – It may accept then immediately cut you off. You need to contact ICSolutions for their policy. Their number is 1-888-506-8407.

  11. Tired

    I received calls at 3:53 AM and 5:07 AM from someone looking for “Carl.” I thought there was time of day restrictions on these calls.

    • admin

      Tired – There is for general population but not for people on lockdown. Those people only get one hour, within a 24 hour period, out of their cell. That is the time they get to make their calls. Since they cannot be out at the same time as other lockdown inmates it’s done throughout the night.

  12. sky

    I was in the process of setting up my cell phone online when my girlfriend called from jail I was like 50 cents short of the plan I was getting so when I answered the 15 second call to my cell phone it gave the option to go ahead and use my card to pay so I did it worked fine but my card ran out so I tried ic solutions they told me my phone can’t be used but I had already been receiving calls so the only thing they could tell me is that my number is un taxable with I can only attribute to it being a no contact phone with six because seemed to work good and all companies are going no contract so I would love some advice or info how to get calls again I’m so stressed

    • admin

      Sky – You have gone outside of our knowledge. ICSolutions is a private company. You need to get back with them to help you through this problem. W

  13. Denise

    Hi i put money on my phone its really easy but havent received a call..does that mean he cant make a call? He said he would call and nothing. .:((

    • admin

      Denise – There is no way for us to know what the problem is. If the set-up was all processed correctly then the options are he is on restriction or he is not calling.

    • admin

      Lili – What do you mean? Do you mean talk to an inmate? Or talk to someone about a problem? We need more information.

  14. Joseph

    My son was arrested is in county jail fist local call he made at 3:40 a.m. we talked couple min it was collect call to my charge card a couple min. was $14+ The next day he was able to make a free 2 min. call for free and was able to call me twice. This web site is helpful thank you

    • admin

      Tiffany – Yes, they are different. The holding cells are in the booking area. It’s where they wait while they are being processed in.

  15. Denise

    My son is in Bexar jail and has a chance to get into a good rehab facility when released, but they want to interview him over the phone from jail to make sure he will fit into their program. How can he call the rehab from jail with out the rehab setting up a call thru IC Solutions?

  16. Sylvia

    I always put money on my account threw the website and when I went to load my account it won’t let me its saying payment limit reach what does this mean?

  17. Richard

    Why do I keep getting collect calls from the jail?? None of my family is there and I’m not helping anyone else. How do I stop this??

    • admin

      Danielle – Go to our category Money for Commissary for the different ways you can deposit money into an inmate’s account.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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      Sarah – Our readers have told us that ICSolutions does not deal with international calls.

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    • admin

      Brianna – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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