Filling Out Money Orders

When sending a money order to add funds to an inmate’s account it is very important that the money order is filled out correctly.  The money order MUST be made payable to the ‘Inmate Trust Fund‘.  You will also need to print your name and address on the bottom left-hand side of the money order and the inmate’s name and sid number on the bottom right-hand side of the money order.

Filling Out a Money Order.

The money order will get returned to you if it is filled out incorrectly.

16 thoughts on “Filling Out Money Orders

  1. Glenda

    my mother has been trying to send my brother some money and she always send it through western union but now every time she goes there they are telling she can not i don’t know why?? are you having issues with western union???

    • admin

      Glenda – We are not the actual Bexar County jail. We are a private website that tries to help people who have family or friends in jail. But we did get some information. The Bexar County jail is no longer accepting Western Union. We were not able to find out if that was a permanent or temporary thing. We suspect permanent.

  2. kaylynn

    I have my boyfriend in bexar county jail nd im all he has left. His family doesnt even know his locked up nd i was jus wonderin how do i go see him for the first 5 days without being immediate family???

  3. Dennis

    I’m trying to put money on my girl’s books with a money order and my question is simple. Do I mail it to the: 200 N COMAL ST address???

    • admin

      Dennis – No. Right under the category you are in, Filling Out Money Orders, is a category titled Mailing a Money Order. The information you need is there.

  4. alexandra

    do I have to open an account to send a money order? my son just went in. this is my first time doing this & I’m trying to send him some money and I don’t know if he needs to have an open account before I can send him a money order. does he have to do anything inside or do I have to call to set up an account?

  5. Hope

    My husband just got picked up on a warrant, I do not have his sid number I don’t think he’s going to call me either but I want to put money on his books is there anyway I can find that out because I’m his wife or not?

    • admin

      Hope – Anyone can get a sid number on a person who is incarcerated. You can call Central Records at 210-335-6201. You will need to give them his name and date of birth.

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