Mailing a Money Order

To send a money order for deposit into an inmate’s account you must mail it to the trust fund address.  In the upper left hand corner you need to print the sender’s name and address.

Send to:

The first line should have Bexar County Adult Detention Center on it.  They will probably take B.C.A.D.C. but if it were me I would spell it out here since it is the first line.

The second line needs to say Inmate Trust Fund.

The third and fourth lines will be the address that all trust fund money is directed to.

Mailing a Money Order.

Envelopes not addressed correctly will usually be returned to the sender.

25 thoughts on “Mailing a Money Order

  1. Corina

    I see where it tells you how to fill out the information on the outside of the envelope, but what information is required on the Money Order once purchased??

    • admin

      You are in the mailing section. Go to the section titled Money for Commissary. The last two links are what you need. One is on how to fill out the money order and the other is on how to fill out the envelope (which also shows up in the mailing section).

    • admin

      Vanessa – Once the Banking department gets it, it is processed within the day. Getting it is more often the problem. If you mailed it you have to wait for the post office to deliver it. If you did not fill it out correctly then it will be returned to you. You could give the Banking department a call to make sure they received the money order. You can contact them at 210-335-6287. They are a 24/7 office.

    • admin

      rlacosta – There is no fee if you use a money order to add funds to an inmate’s commissary account. The jail does not charge a processing fee.

    • admin

      Sarah – If you use the kiosk or online, money is taken out because those are handled by a private company. If you send or take a money order to the Banking department they do not charge because it is done by employees.

  2. Roni

    If i send some money by money order, how long does it take for the inmate to have the money on his account? It was sent on 3-8-13…

    • admin

      Vanessa – Each individual gets a unique identification number referred to as their sid number. The sid number will be required for pretty much everything the inmate does or gets including money.

  3. MzCarr

    I just wanted to say Thank you for answering all these questions. I have a good friend that is now in Bexar County. So all this is new to me. I want to send her money but everything charges fees. I am glad that you take the time to answer these questions. I had some of the same ones.

    I am mailing with a postal money order. Most secure money order and I want my friend to get every bit that I send her.

    Again, thanks for the site!

    • admin

      Stacy – You cannot send commissary but you can add money to his commissary account so he can buy what he wants. Another option is to order a care package from iCare. To add money to commissary go to our category “Money For Commissary”. There are multiple options there. To order an iCare package go to our “Special Programs” category. Once there click on the link “Food Gift Packages – iCare” to go to their website.

    • admin

      Rose Mary – I don’t believe they have a maximum amount but if you want to be sure you can call the Banking section at 210-335-6287. They are a 24/7 department.

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