County Courts Phone Numbers

If you want more information go to the Courts Portal.  Each court is a link.  Click on it and you will get more contact information.  They really did a nice job with their site.

County Court 1            210-335-2571

County Court 2            210-335-2573

County Court 3            210-335-2575

County Court 4            210-335-2426

County Court 5            210-335-2567

County Court 6            210-335-2156

County Court 7            210-335-2002

County Court 8            210-335-2005

County Court 9            210-335-2008

County Court 10          210-335-2948

County Court 11          210-335-2023

County Court 12          210-335-2750

County Court 13          210-335-2002

County Court 14          210-335-6472

County Court 15          210-335-1200

Courthouse Information:  210-335-2011

County Courts 7 & 13 do have the same phone number.  Those two courts are handled by the same judge.

8 thoughts on “County Courts Phone Numbers

  1. Anna

    Is there any way to bail some out of jail that has a cash bond? Any programs to help if some on a cash bond for child’s support 1st time?

  2. Adriana

    hello,i was wondering if you can help me I’m stuck looking for my boyfriends laywer and it seem I cant find her do you know where I can locate her I look her up on so many website seem I cant find her and also anther question where can I go to see if my boyfriend still has court and where n when ??

    • admin

      Adriana – To find out court information you will need to contact the court his case has been assigned to. As far as finding his lawyer, if he has a court appointed lawyer you can ask when you call the court clerk about the scheduling of his case. If he has a private lawyer you may have to go to her place of business.

    • admin

      Richard – Call Central Records. Ask what court your sons case is listed in then ask for the phone number for that court. Call the court to see if a court date has been set.

  3. Libby

    I know extradition can take awhile, days to weeks, but shouldn’t the inmate be allowed some type of monitored phone call to the next of kin after a week. My son has been in transport with no contact with anyone. He could be dead for all I know. Seems inhuman to me. Aren’t there laws on a phone call to inmates?

    • admin

      Libby – When a person is extradited a long way from where they are being held, the transport usually schedules multiple pick-ups along the way for efficiency. If this means days on the road, the driver will make plans to stay at a facility to get some rest. The inmates are temporarily booked into that facility so they too can sleep in a bed. But they aren’t given much other than the basic care. Transporting inmates is dangerous. Officials have to be careful that they aren’t ambushed by someone trying to help an inmate escape. Because of that, inmates are not allowed to make contact with anyone so they can’t reveal their location or route. It may be a valid reason, but it’s still hard on families. Hopefully you’ll hear from him soon.

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