County Phone Numbers

Adult Probation_____________________________210-335-6219

Child Support________________________________210-335-2767

Courthouse Central Filing___________________210-335-2238

Courthouse Information_____________________210-335-2011

District Attorney’s Office____________________210-335-2311

District Attorney Family Violence___________210-335-2865

Electronic Monitoring________________________210-335-8966

Juvenile Detention___________________________210-335-7600

Justice of the Peace Precinct 1_______________210-335-2806

Justice of the Peace Precinct 2_______________210-335-4850

Justice of the Peace Precinct 3_______________210-335-4750

Justice of the Peace Precinct 4_______________210-335-4950

PreTrial Services______________________________210-335-8930


4 thoughts on “County Phone Numbers

  1. Monette

    How do I find out what my son’s commissary account balance is?
    His name is C*** M******* SID#——-. I have tried calling every number that I have for your facility, but every one of them go to a voicemail. Is there a specific number or department that I can call and obtain this info from? I realize that you all are a huge facility and the front desk is very busy all of the time, therefore I feel silly calling them and keeping them from their duties. Can you please provide a simple phone number or department. When I call the the number that I use to add money to his commissary, it does not tell me the account balance. I added money this morning and did receive a confirmation number, but unfortunately I added the money after the commissary cart came around. I just need to know his balance to determine if I should add more tonight or in the morning. Thank you for your courtesies that you non-stop, extend to myself and others! You are appreciated, more than you’ll ever really know! thank you.
    M****** M******* (just a Mom!)

  2. Lucy

    Help! Is there anyway to get information On when my husband will be transferred to an I SF he’s been in there a week we hired a private attorney who told us after he was sentenced that there was a bed available once they took my husband into custody he stopped responding to my calls and my texts after he was paid in full of course is there anyway to help speed up the process or get any additional information me from the outside or him from the inside

    • admin

      Lucy – Unfortunately not. They get transferred when a bed becomes available.

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