Inmate at another Jail

The Bexar County Jail occasionally houses inmates at other jail facilities.  The ones used most often are Frio County, Zavala County and Guadalupe County.  If you want to send a letter to an inmate that is housed at another jail you will need to call that jail to get their mailing instructions and address.

The phone numbers for the different jails are:

Frio County – 830-334-3311
Guadalupe County – 830-379-1224
Zavala County – 830-374-3615

10 thoughts on “Inmate at another Jail

    • admin

      Heather – Contact ICSolutions. Contact information is listed in our category “Inmate Phone Calls” at the link “ICSolutions”.

  1. Sarah

    Im in the UK and my bf is in Bexar ADC jail. How can I phone him when ic solutions dont offer international calls? I cant even send him a care package. I feel so helpless as what to do and Bexar aint no help when it comes to getting information out of them. I havent heard from him in 2 weeks and miss him dearly. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

    • admin

      Sarah – You are only the second person who has told us about this problem. We don’t believe anyone at the jail ever took into account that some people may be overseas. The only thing we can recommend is staying in contact through regular mail. You can try contacting the Banking department at 210-335-6287 to let them know what the problem is and ask what options are available. You can probably send money to put into his commissary account even if you can’t get a care package. I wish there was more we could do for you.

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  2. Nora

    I am truly trying too stay in contact with my son and I am trying too find out if I am able too order him writing paper and envelopes with them stamps already from the postal office and a different company that I can order enough paper for writing me can you please email me XXXXXXXXXX of the online website I can order from beside the one that you have thank you

    • admin

      Nora – Your son can buy writing supplies including stamps through commissary. You can add money to his commissary account so he has the funds to make the purchases. You cannot send writing supplies to him.

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  3. Jenni

    Hola buen día, a un amigo lo tranfirienron a TDCGARZA OESTE, anteriormente yo podía enviarle cartas a la cárcel de Bexar, debido a que yo no vivo en los Estados Unidos, yo tampoco puedo hacer llamadas telefónicas con él y el que yo viva fuera del país al parecer para el es muy caro el comprar las estampillas y demás cosas para poder enviar una carta al extranjero. Al igual yo no sé si las cartas que yo he enviado, el las ha estado recibiendo. Serían tan amables de ayudarme y decirme cómo podría saber sobre él, y como puedo iniciar de nuevo a enviarle las cartas, más que nada, decirme exactamente a qué dirección enviarla. Es la primera vez que tengo un amigo en prisión y realmente no sé cómo es todo esto, de como poder llamarle, como puedo hacer para escribirle un email o por correspondencia, podrían orientarme por favor

    • admin

      Jenni – Lo siento, solo tratamos con la cárcel del condado. Publicaremos su mensaje para ver si alguno de nuestros lectores tiene sugerencias para usted.

      Google translation: Hello good day, a friend was transferred to TDCGARZA OESTE, previously I could send him letters to the Bexar prison, because I do not live in the United States, I cannot make phone calls with him either and the fact that I live outside the Apparently, it is very expensive for him to buy stamps and other things to be able to send a letter abroad. In the same way, I don’t know if the letters that I have sent, he has been receiving them. Would you be so kind as to help me and tell me how I might find out about him, and how I can start sending letters back to him, more than anything, tell me exactly what address to send it to. It is the first time that I have a friend in prison and I really do not know how all this is, how to call him, how I can write him an email or by correspondence, could you please guide me

      Our response: I’m sorry, we only deal with the county jail. We’ll post your message to see if any of our readers have suggestions for you.

      If anyone can help, please respond. Thank you.

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