Don’t Do Dumb Things

Dealing with a government agency is never fun but remember this is a law enforcement agency.  Some things you may be tempted to do can even be hazardous to your freedom.

Don’t take illegal items into the jail.  You will be asked to go through a metal detector and to empty out your pockets.

Don’t demand to see or speak to the Sheriff. The jail houses about 4600 inmates.  They process between 100-200 individuals a day.  That’s in addition to the Law Enforcement side and the various support areas he has to deal with.  The Sheriff does not have time to handle each complaint personally.

Don’t try to intimidate the officers or civilian employees by saying you know the sheriff. They probably hear that 50 times a day and are not impressed.  Besides, they know him too.

Don’t believe that detention officers are not real officers. If you go to the jail and try to raise hell thinking they can’t do anything to you, you will quickly find out that quite a few detention officers have their Peace Officer’s Certification but even if an officer doesn’t it is perfectly legal for him to take you into custody.

Don’t threaten anyone at the jail. It’s bad enough to have someone in jail and having to deal with their system can drive you crazy.  However, giving in to your anger and frustration by threatening people will only guarantee that you will get first hand knowledge of the booking process.

10 thoughts on “Don’t Do Dumb Things

  1. Kingnothing3020

    I was facing a DWI 3, felony my lawyer got the DA to reduce it to a DWI 2 so i could avoid the felony but i would have to do jail time he also said he could get me work release. How does work release work in Bexar county? how do they calculate your time since you’re not in 24/7? I have a rotating schedule at work, will this work or would i have to make arrangements to get a set schedule? any help and info would be greatly appreciated

    • admin

      King – The best person to speak to about this would be your attorney. Cases can vary. It depends on what your attorney was able to get a judge to do for you.

  2. Annie

    During intake I was put in leg shackles I had never been arrested before and had no prior criminal record and the arrest was not for a violent crime. I was not resistant and was not being transported. I was later released and not charged with any crime. What is the procedure who makes the decision on shackles?

    • admin

      Annie – The decision could have been based on what the arresting officers told the booking officers or it could have been a decision made by the booking officers on their own. There is no way for us to know what the situation was that caused them to make that call.

  3. Deputy

    I realize this is an old thread, but to address the question of why someone would be put in leg irons in the booking area is directly related to the fact that the inmate is on the ground floor and can more easily walk out of the building if given the opportunity. It also instantly identifies the person as an inmate rather than a civilian walking around the area.

    • admin

      Deputy – Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge so that the general public gets a better understanding of why things are done.

  4. Mary

    My step-daughter was released at 1 am, she called & said that
    she was told that she could not have her purse back unless;
    she paid $25.
    I have told her I could not believe this!
    So I called & most everyone says it doesn’t sound right!
    The Bexar Co. rm is closes at 4 pm, I did call & Leave a message! Hope that they will call back.

    • admin

      Mary – Banking keeps valuables. Call them to find out about this fee. It doesn’t sound right to us either. That number is 210-335-6287.

  5. Veronica

    Work release for my husband has been stressfull, they failed to mention that he needs 6 employers that they apply to and copy’s to application they do. But doing them online thru indeed. We can not print them out. Am I able to .screen shot what he applied for abd email his Really not trying to have my husband sent back upstairs because we have a medically challenged infant. I am Unable to work. He works, can someone help me take careof this problem. He has interviews and the wanna put him on hold. This is delaying his financial issues and he does not want to be sent upstairs nor do I.

    • admin

      Veronica – We suggest you contact work release to see if they will accept that. Does anyone have any information on this?

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