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    • admin

      Alan – If you want your criminal history you will have to get it from the jail in person. That is the full criminal history. Anything that has already become public information can be purchased from the District Clerk. You can find the link in the Extra Information category under the Get Criminal Histories Online link.

  1. Jack

    I would like to know if My nephew has any warrants for his arrest he lives on my fathers place and has been arrested several times. I was told that his bond had been revoked. I would like information that will keep my fathers property safe and in compliance he is 88 and in poor health not always clear headed. I would appreciate any assistance in this matter

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      Jack – Unfortunately the new Sheriff has changed the policy about giving out warrant information. We don’t understand the reasoning. If they can post most wanted lists that say what the people are wanted for how can they say the same information about an average person is confidential. We don’t understand their reasoning but they are not allowing that information to be released anymore.

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