Several of the things inmates are allowed to do are actually privileges.  There is no requirement that they be allowed to do them.  Privileges are a tool the jail uses to help keep inmates under control.  It is a valid non-violent method that works more often than not.  When you have very little, what little you do have you do not want to lose.  If inmates follow the regulations they are allowed to keep their privileges.  Violations, depending on what the violation is and the degree it was done to, can get them taken away from an inmate.

Inmates on Disciplinary Detention can lose privileges such as:  Match/Patch program, GED program, Art programs, Educational programs, telephone use, inmate to inmate visits, day room access, trustee status and more.  The losses are usually not permanent except possibly the trustee status and there is a system in place for the inmates to file a grievance if they feel the disciplinary action is unjust.

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      Deb – If a grievance has been filed and the inmate is not happy with the determination, he can appeal the grievance. Appealing the grievance forces it higher up the chain of command. If an inmate is actually in fear for his safety he can file an emergency grievance. The process grievances, appeals and emergency grievances is in the inmate handbook which can be found in the day rooms. I highly recommend that emergency grievances only be used if there is a real possibility of injury to the inmate. Using the process incorrectly could result in none of the grievances being taken seriously. The inmate would have moved into the same spot as the boy who cried wolf where no one believed him anymore.

  1. valerie

    I had a ?…..I would like to purchase a walkman but was curious if it was considered part of your 100 dollar spending limit…..or if it’s charged separately from ur spending limit….hope to hear from you soon……

  2. Kathy

    My husband was put in jail for 180 days. He has filed for disability and is waiting for his hearing which should be by November. When he gets his disability do you think they may release him? Also he is on a walker prescribed by a doctor. He has severe blood pressure meeds and takes over 12 per day. He wasn’t allowed to take his meeds with him. I have called and they tell me he is in the infirmary but will tell me nothing else. I live 250 miles away. Any advise?

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      Kathy – His release depends on what the judge sentenced him to, not on his disability status. If he is in medical he will be monitored by the nurses.

  3. Kathy

    He was put in for contempt of court for 180 days or 3000.00 cash bond. Is that 3000.00 forfeited to the court? Does that pay for his sentence? Will he have to go back to court? Thank you this all so scary to me.

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      Kathy – Was that contempt of court charge for child support? If so, then yes it will be forfeit and if it covers what he owes it should pay for it. Your best bet is to speak to his attorney.

  4. Mesha

    So from what I am reading here is that the weekly spending limit is money given to the inmates as a “privilege” for good behavior?

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      Mesha – There are basics that must be supplied to an inmate. Anything beyond those basics can be considered privileges that can be lost if the inmate misbehaves. The loss isn’t permanent since that would take away one of the incentive items they use for good behavior. When the inmate starts complying and reaches the end of the restriction period the privilege will be reinstated.

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