There’s a Warrant Out for Me. What Do I Do?

If the warrant has a bond amount the best thing to do is get your bond set up then turn yourself in.  This will take a lot of stress off of your family and friends and you won’t have to worry every day wondering if that will be the day they catch you.

Find a bonds company and tell them the situation.  They’re used to people doing this.  They’ll get your bond ready to go so as soon as you’re booked the bond can be posted.  This is best for everyone.  The jail wants you out as quickly as possible and you want to be out as quickly as possible.  Even though the bond is ready it cannot be posted until you are actually booked so you will spend a few hours there.

If you do not have a bond on your warrant you will have a harder time.  You probably want to contact an attorney.  It is possible for a judge to reinstate a bond but that is up to him and will usually take an attorney working with the judge to get that to happen.  Once a bond is set then you would do the same as above, either using the attorney to cover the bond or a bonds company.

To turn yourself in just go to the Front Desk and tell one of the officers that you have a warrant and want to turn yourself in.  Don’t worry, no one is going to jump over the counter to tackle you.  Make sure you let them know that you have already dealt with a bonds company and that your bond is ready to be posted.

11 thoughts on “There’s a Warrant Out for Me. What Do I Do?

  1. Paul

    If no bond on warrent & doesn’t have there own lawyer. Can inmate request a public defender? what iithe normal time frame before they go in front of judge to get bail, probation of orther resolution??

  2. Roman

    First off, I find your site incredibly informative. Keep up the good work.

    Now my question. My girlfriend has a warrant for her arrest for a felony assault charge in San Antonio. She had no priors and has a pretty stable life there in San Antonio her whole life. A few months ago she was drunk and got into a fight resulting in bodily injury of a family member who pressed charges now. She wants to turn herself in but is scared to death of having to submit to a strip search. Do you know how “intense” the search she can expect. We’ve read different things that Bexar County changed their policy so that most inmates will not have to get one. Instead it’s more of pat down or maybe down to your underwear or gown as opposed to completely stripping and standing to have everything examined visually. But then also read that since the charge is a felony, she will get one if she goes to jail. If we arrange to set up bond before we take her in, would that help her avoid it…booked in/out…or will she have to subject to strip search since it is a felony offense anyways, regardless if she’s not have any priors, etc. Basically a good person who had too much to drink and did something very stupid that escalated very quickly. She wants to get this out of the way and move on with her life but understandably is very nervous about this aspect. What can she reasonably expect?

    • admin

      Roman – Strips searches used to be common practice, the practice was challenged as unconstitutional and during that time most agencies, including Bexar County, stopped doing strip searches. The Supreme Court ruled that they were not a violation and agencies were free to return to strip searches. Bexar County does do strip searches for a current charge involving violence. If she gets processed as an in and out she just gets a pat down.

  3. ScaredtoDeath

    loved one on probation. was waiting outside waiting for ride cop asked him for id and copy ran his license and arrested him said he had parole violation but
    he has never been in prison was on probation had less than 6 months
    but and got arrested for borrowing friends car and resulted in charge
    so he’s in jail and they want to take him to a jail in west texas where the original charge was. Scared to death don’t have means to help grandson
    Afraid he will get prison time he’s a young man but looks like he’s 15
    do scared of what they can do to him
    don’t have any idea on how to help him

    • admin

      ScaredtoDeath – If the friend knows the car was borrowed and said so then there was no case against your grandson. It seems there is more to the story. It really depends on what is happening. You need to speak to his attorney.

    • admin

      Lisa – You can trying calling Central Recrods at 210-335-6201. I don’t know if they are still releasing that information. They are supposed to. There is already case law saying it is not confidential information but from what I am hearing, this administration doesn’t want the information released. Is that legal? No. But they’ll get away with it until someone calls them on it.

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  4. Chris

    hi i was just informed that I have a warrant for my arrest for assault and i looked up the case; it says that its out of county court 11. I have a few priors for assault as well. how will i know if my case is being enhanced to a felony? and if theres no bond amoujt on the warrant does that mean I will not get a bond hearing thru the central magistrate?

    • admin

      Chris – Your best option is to speak to an attorney. If no bond amount is listed, your attorney may be able to get a judge to issue an amount. Then you can set up everything you need so that you can go through the process quickly.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you


      what if the person testifies on his behalf and he was not arrested on the date of the incident. and is willing to write affidavit.

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