What is the Inmate Trust Fund?

Inmates have one account where money is kept for them. The majority of the time that money is used for commissary needs so people tend to refer to the Inmate Trust Fund as “Commissary”. But commissary is not the only thing the money can be used for. Some medical treatments have co-payments that the inmate is required to pay. That money is deducted from his Trust Fund.

If an inmate causes damage to any jail property he can be charged with destruction of property. If he is found guilty the amount specified by the court to repair or replace the damaged item is taken from his Trust Fund. A new state law says that the Trust Fund can now show a negative balance. If an inmate must pay for the damage he caused but does not have the money in his Trust Fund it will show a negative balance. When someone puts money into his account that money will first go towards paying off the amount owed for the damage.

50 thoughts on “What is the Inmate Trust Fund?

    • admin

      The Banking Department does not release information regarding an inmate’s commissary account to anyone other than the inmate. You would have to contact the inmate to get that info.

      • Reva

        My husband got a inheritace check and he is a.imate and wants to send me money how does he do that

      • admin

        Reva – That is not a question we are able to answer. You need to speak to an attorney.

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    • admin

      Yes, go to the section titled “Money for Commissary”. Click on that link. The page that will show has payment options. Click on the link that says “Depositing Funds on the Internet”. You will get the post that tells you what you need to know to deposit those funds. There is a link embedded in the post titled “Touchpay Portal”. It is bold and underlined. Click on that link and it will take you to the touch pay system. Follow the prompts.

      • admin

        Ashley – I have not heard of the Bexar County jail using CorrLinks. I believe that at the current time, that is used in federal facilities. Do any of our readers have any information on this? If so, please share it. Thank you.

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  1. Stephanie

    How do I find out where an inmate location is so I can mail a letter cause when I called the man said he cant give out information but I have his sid number. Please Help

    • admin

      Stephanie – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. They will be able to give you his location. The are a 24/7 office.

  2. Diana

    If an inmate is released, and they have funds left in their commissary account –do they get those funds back? What about funds on their phone acct?

    • admin

      Diana – Yes they get their commissary funds back. The phone system is handled by a private company. They will probably reimburse you for any unused funds but you would have to contact them to see what you need to do. Go to the category “Inmate Phone Calls”. Once there click on the ICSolutions link. You will find contact information on that page.

  3. Julie

    I have a question regarding my daughter wearing contact lenses. She was picked up at her parole officers office 2 days ago. She wears contacts and I have only been able to speak to her 3 times with only 2 minutes each call. So I have not been able to find out if she needs her glasses, or what do they do there if someone wears contacts? Do they take them away from them? She cannot see without them. Also if she needs contact lens solution or a place to put them then what? How are these types of situations handled?

    • admin

      Julie – It is possible for an inmate to keep their contact lenses but that has to be approved by medical. If it is approved then solution for her lenses is available. Your daughter will need to speak to the medical staff.

  4. Richard

    My son was picked two days ago and he is wearing contact, but has glasses. Can those glasses be mailed or brought to him during a visitation?

  5. loving daughter

    My father is in the medical part of the jail, but if i send commissary money does that go to his medical bills? and where can i find out how much he owes?

  6. Wendy

    I bought some reading glasses from HEB and took them to the front office today for a friend in jail. They told me they would not take them because they are sold in commissary for about $8. She also said that i would need a doctors’ prescription to leave any prescription glasses. How can i find out exactly how much they cost so i can make sure the right amount of money is there? Can you specify what the money you deposit is used for? Thank you.

    • admin

      Wendy – Thank you for reminding us that we need to try to get an updated commissary list. We had been avoiding it because they made it so difficult the last time we made the request but we need updated prices and items. We recommend you call Commissary at 210-335-6484 for the cost of reading glasses.

      • admin

        Texasgirl – The books maintained by the jail are for commissary and to pay for any medical treatment the inmate received or to cover damages by the inmate. The phone system is handled by a private company. The two areas don’t cross over. Money put into a commissary fund will not cover phone calls.

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    • admin

      Briana – Please go to the category titled “Money For Commissary”. The last to links on that page give you the answers to your questions.

  7. keisha

    Hello I wanted to know if Property/banking would be able to release my husbands funds to me. See he went to jail with money and he wants me to get it out to bond him out. But today when I went they just gave me his property. So he told me I have to specifically ask for money and he will sign it over. Is this correct?? Help??

      • Rebecca

        If you get funds from two different inmates thats a “friend” in the form of
        a check from banking, and cash them can i get in trouble?

      • admin

        Rebecca – We’re not exactly sure what you’re asking. Are the checks made out to you? If so you should be able to cash them without an issue. If they are made out to the inmates who are your friends you need to have a legal right to cash them. We recommend you speak to an attorney.

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  8. Deniece

    If an imate is from another state when they are released,
    will they be given a bus ticket to return to that state?

  9. Mae

    Just to let you know that the commissary just went up another 10%. I managed
    to get a list of the I care packages to my son so he would know what should
    be in each package they are always short and are always late. Even if they
    manage to get their food and coffee there is no guarantee they can heat it as
    one of the guards took the hotplate 5 days ago. Seems to me the real criminals
    are all working for Bexar County.

    • admin

      Mae – Thank you for the information. As far as taking the hot plate, privileges are used as ways to keep the inmates behaving in an appropriate manner. If something happens the privileges are taken away. If that is not the case your son can file a grievance.

  10. Pat

    A friend apparently put money in my son’s commissary account. When he ordered items, they never came and he was told the money was gone. He has sent two grievances and no one seems to know anything. He placed the order on the 26th of Jan, 2015. The total was 43.83 for writing supplies and some snacks. He supposedly had $50.00 in his account. Thank you.

    • admin

      Pat – The Classification department does investigate grievances but it takes time. Your son can also put in a grievance saying his grievances are not being answered.

  11. Judith

    I know as guard’s, you have to be hard hearted with inmates an run a tight ship, but why do you have to make a simple internet transaction so very hard to complete? I’m pretty savvy using the internet but you have made doing anything on your website a long, frustrating experience that should only take minutes, an many of us these poor people don’t know alot or nothing about internet use. The sorry sobs we are trying to give a little help an love to make us ashamed and heart broken but they are still family family​! Punishing us by making this process so very hard an time consuming makes you all as criminal an sudistic as them! Give us poor old folks a little break! Please!

    • admin

      Judith – We take it that you’ve had problems trying to deposit money? Call the Banking department at 210-335-6287. They’ve been pretty helpful with us when we ask for information.

  12. DaveInSATX

    When inmates are released from Bexar County, can they bring any food remaining from commissary orders with them when they leave? Can they get a refund/credit for unused/unopened commissary items when they leave?

    • admin

      DaveInSATX – He bought it so it belongs to him. He can take it with him unless he is going to TDC. If going to TDC he can place the non-perishables in his property. Food items they usually give away to their buddies.

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  13. Dee

    If an inmate has money in their account while they r there in the jail and they get transfered to prision does that money in the account get transfered to the prision with them

    • admin

      Lynn – They do take out for any damages the inmate may have caused.

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  14. Jocelyn

    The process this facility uses makes it EXTREMELY difficult for a person to try and take care of a loved one who is incarcerated. I’ve been online for over an hour and still have not been successful in sending money for commissary. Your process should be re- evaluated because I know there’s a better way than what you currently provide. It’s time consuming and terrible.

    • admin

      Jocelyn – We are not the Bexar County Jail. We are a privately owned website that attempts to help people who have family or friends in the jail and are having problems dealing with the system. We don’t have all of the answers. We try to get what we can but we are no different from the general public so we meet the same response that everyone else does. When we do get an answer we post it so others don’t have to go through the same hassle. We recommend that you contact the Sheriff’s administration office to complain about the process. When enough people are complaining they may address it. If they won’t, we recommend that people vote someone in who will address the concerns of the public.

      We would like to ask our readers to help spread the word about our website. Please recommend us to people you know. Thank you.

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