Frequently Asked Questions about Video Visitation

Video Visitations website.  Video Visitations phone number:  210-335-8270.

All public visits are monitored and recorded.  Visitation is a privilege.  Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Reserves the right to cancel visits due to security reasons, inappropriate behavior and failure to follow the rules.  Visitation privileges may be suspended for a period of time based on the severity of the infraction.

Only persons with a scheduled visit or using the kiosks are allowed in the reception area.  Loitering inside or outside the building is prohibited.

How many visits can an inmate receive and how long are the visits?  Only two 20 minute visits per inmate per week.  The week starts on Sunday.  This includes out of town visitors.  The inmate must be assigned to a unit.

Can I visit more than one inmate on the same day?  Yes.

Can I visit the same inmate twice in a day?  No.

What do I need to do?  First, all visitors 17 years and older wanting to schedule a visit must register with ICSolutions and set up a profile.  Second, you must have a valid government photo ID that must be presented at the time of the visit.  Adults scheduling a visit must include adult or minor child(ren) they wish to bring at the time they schedule a visit.  All visitors 17 years and older must be registered at the ICSolutions website, and provide a valid government ID when checking in.

How do I register and schedule a visit:  Go to the Video Visitations website or to the Video Visitation Center

What if I do not have a computer?  Come down to the Video Visitation Center and VVC staff members will assist with registering visitors 17 years and older presenting a valid government ID and scheduling visits.  Feel free to use a Bexar County Bibliotech or City Library and schedule visits at that location.

What if I cannot keep the visit?  You must cancel 24 hours prior to the visit to ensure it does not count as a completed visit.

How do I cancel a visit?  Go to the Video Visitations website or to the Video Visitation Center.

What happens if I do not cancel my visit?  The inmate will be given an opportunity to cancel the visit.  Visitors who repeatedly fail to cancel or are no shows for visits may have visitation privileges suspended for a minimum of 30 days.

Do I need an email address?  No, but visitors with an email address will receive notices when their visit is cancelled due to the inmate being released, has been moved to another unit, is at court, attending classes or has their visits suspended.

What should I do the day of the visit?  Log onto your ICSolutions account to ensure your visit is still scheduled or check your email for cancelled notices.

Can I reschedule a cancelled visit?  Yes, as long as the inmate has not received two (2) visits or has two (2) visits scheduled for the week.

Do I have to be active on an inmate’s visitor list?  Do children need to be active on an inmate’s list?  No.  Anyone can schedule a visit but the inmate can refuse a visit.

What time do I need to arrive?  30 minutes before a scheduled visit.  You must present a valid government photo ID.

What happens if an inmate or visitor is late for a visit?  The inmate/visitor must remain at the monitor.  If there are 10 or more minutes left on the visit, the visit will be allowed with the remaining time.

What do I need to bring to the Video Visitation Center?  Only a valid government photo ID, and your wallet and car keys.  Keep all other items in your vehicle.  No backpacks, purses, diaper bags, electronic items, cell phones, etc.

What if I ride the bus?  Where can I leave my personal items?  Coin operated lockers will be available to store personal items.  $1.00.  Please bring exact change.  No change is available at the Video Visitation Center.

Is there a dress code?  Yes, conservative dress code will be enforced.  No tank tops, sleeveless blouses, shorts or skirts more than 3 inches above the knee, spandex, low cut blouses, see-through material, pajamas, etc.  Video Visitation Supervisor is the final authority in determining appropriate dress.  Full listing of Dress Code rules and Prohibited items can be located on when registering.

Is there parking available?  Yes, there is convenient parking at the Video Visitation Center.

Are food and drinks allowed in the VVC building?  No.

Are commissary kiosks available to make deposits at the Video Visitation Center?  Yes.

The information on this page was obtained from the information sheet put out by the Bexar County Sheriff’s Office.

211 thoughts on “Frequently Asked Questions about Video Visitation

    • admin

      Jennifer – Yes you can as long as they are only tickets (class C misdemeanor) and they are from the City of San Antonio. If the warrants are for anything higher than a ticket (class B and above) you will get arrested. Also if they are tickets (class C misdemeanor) from one of the precincts, which are County agencies, you will get arrested.

    • admin

      Sarah – We’ve gotten a couple of answers to this question. If you call Central Records they will tell you that you have to go in with picture identification and the officers at the front desk will let you know at that time. We’ve had others who have told us that the officers at the front desk let them know but it seems that is a hit or miss situation. Your best bet is to write to the individual who is in jail and ask him to put you on his visitation list. As far as any other people who may be on the list I don’t believe you will be given that information.

  1. Theresa

    My first time for a visit at the jail, the officer told me no cell phones or lighters. Had no problem w that. Luckily I borrow a friend car and was able to put the items in the trunk. I usually ride the bus so I knew not to take my phone w/ me. So when I get there, the lady officer tells me that I’m not allow to take my mp3 player up to the vistation area. I would like to know where it states that I am not allowed to take it upstairs. I think sometimes that officers makeup their own rules. I had to go outside and hide it somewhere. Luckily it’s a small one. The only sign that I ever seen was No Cell Phones. If there are others rules then it needs to be posted or hanged out on a paper that states the rules.

  2. Jennifer

    My 3step children have come home telling their dad they were taken to see an inmate over the weekend with their mom, this inmate is her new boyfriend. The inmate she is visiting is not related to his children, and he does not like that they are being taken there. Is it possible to put a stop to this?

    • admin

      Jennifer – Not through the jail there isn’t. The jail can and is obligated to keep children from visiting a child molester. There are other charges that could cause a judge to say the inmate cannot have visitation from children. If the inmate is in jail for something totally unrelated to children then the jail doesn’t have any right to tell a mother she cannot bring her children. The situation you mention is a civil matter. Your husband will probably need to consult with the attorney he used to get his divorce or some other attorney that deals with family law.

  3. amber

    it says the inmate is allowed two 20 min visits per week. so does that mean if two people visits on lets say saturday noone can see him for the rest of that week ?

  4. Leslie

    My question is if an inmate is allowed a two 20 min visit per week, so if an adult and child lets say go on saturday does that mean no one can go see them for the rest of the week until the followin saturday? & also can the child go inside wit the adult to see the inmate or the child has to wait.?

  5. D

    does an inmates atty visit count as one of the two visits the inmate is allowed. like if the atty visits on monday and me on saturday, can is that the two visits he’s entitled for that week?

    • admin

      D – If it is the attorney of record (the attorney who is representing him) then no it does not count as one of his visits.

  6. Rachel

    I read that immediate family members are allowed to visit the first five days,if i went yesterday can i go today? Does it matter if someone else has gone after me or does that 2 visits per week count during the first 5 days as well? Can you clarify? thanks

    • admin

      Wow. This is a tough one. There are a lot of variables here. Was it an assault? If so, they probably won’t let you visit. Is there a protective order out on him? They definitely will not let you visit him. Do you just want to tell this person off? That would not be a wise move on your part and they probably won’t let you visit. No matter what the situation is you can expect to be questioned in depth.

  7. Gail

    I do not understand the rule regarding length of skirts/shorts. You state no more than 6″ from below knee. Does that mean 6″ from there DOWN or 6″ UP from there. My daughter had on shorts that were NOT 6″ UP from the knee and she was denied visitation with her son because of this rule. I can see if it is more that 6″ UP from the knee. Do you measure????
    Answer please.

    • admin

      Gail – This is a private website. We are not part of the Jail. The rule we got from the jail regarding length is 6″ measured from the bottom of the knee up. That aside, the front desk officers make the call. If they decide something is inappropriate they will not let you visit. They have the final say.

  8. Tiffany

    I have a loved one in Bexar County. I am traveling from Houston to San Antonio to visit him. My question is, if he did not get a visit earlier this week (he is still entitled to two visits, can I visit him twice on Sunday? If so, can I stay there for a hour or do I have to leave out and come back in?

  9. jennifer

    If i have a warrant over a ticket dat i got for public intoxication of marijuana can i still visit an inmate im county jail ?!

    • admin

      Jennifer – You can go but it is possible they will arrest you. Depends on who has the warrant out on you and what time it is. They need to be able to contact the agency to verify the warrant is still active. You have to decide if you consider it worth the gamble.

    • admin

      Al – The freeze is normally from 2:00 – 3:30 pm but that all depends on if things go smoothly. It will be extended if needed.

    • admin

      Alyssa – You need to call the agency that issued the tickets. There is no one number for everyone’s tickets that can be called to find out that information.

    • admin

      Crystal – All the things you mention can be worn. For more information select the category “Visitation”. Once there click on the link titled “Visitation Regulations”.

  10. ronnie

    does the child have to be on the visit list i want to go and take my daughter he is not the father but has been in our lives 3yrs

  11. ronnie

    clarify two visits per week, me and his mother went this saturday, so does that mean this monday I can’t go , I usually go saturdays and mondays, but his mom went this saturday so does that mean I have to wait until next week saturday again Thank you

    • admin

      Ronnie – Your wife goes, you go, that’s two visits. The week begins on Saturday. It doesn’t matter if the visits are on the same day or different days. If you both go it’s still two visits.

    • admin

      Sabrina – No, the inmate cannot hold the child. You would need to talk to the people that run the Match/Patch program at 210-335-6330 to see if you can become a part of the program and get physical contact visitation for your child.

  12. Grace

    I’m on the visitors list and he has had one parent come see him on Sunday and I been to see him three times and they tell me he has had his two visits for the week and after a certain time he will call me and ask me what happen I’ll tell him and he doesn’t understand why they keep telling me that. Is there something he could or someone he can talk to because he isn’t getting his two visits? I’ve been to see him only once and that was when he first went in.

    • admin

      Grace – If he is not getting his two visits per week he can file a grievance. He can ask his unit officer for the form. But are you sure he is not getting two visits? An inmate can have five people on their visitation list. Is someone else going?

  13. Grace

    His parents and myself and sister are on the list his sister had not seen him at all. I know the parents see him on sundays is that his two visits for the week?

    • admin

      Grace – From your previous emails we have been able to determine that his parents are taking up both his visits. If you can get just one of them to visit on Sunday then you will be able to see him either that same day or on his Tuesday visitation.

    • admin

      Ana – The require official picture identification. A passport meets those requirements. You should be fine with that.

  14. sarah

    I am blocked from my boyfriends visitation and calling and mailing. His dad said the Jail blocked me why would they do that?

    • admin

      Sarah – First of all are you sure that you are blocked or are you just getting that information second-hand? There can be a lot of reasons you would be blocked. Is he in for assaulting you? Do you have a restraining order against him? Does he have one against you? Any of those could be a reason. Are you on his visitation list? If you aren’t you can’t see him but the choice to put you on his list is completely his. Your best bet is go to the jail to speak to the officers at the Front Desk to find out what’s happening.

    • admin

      Sarah – Sorry about that. This is a private website. It’s not the actual Bexar County Adult Detention Center. We all have full-time jobs and families in addition to other websites we maintain. We do the best we can to keep up but it definitely is not done on a daily basis.

  15. kaelyn

    my cousin is in the bexar county jail and i was wondering if i was goin to be able to visit him with an adult i am only 15, he put me on the visitation list already.

  16. Brenda

    My husband is locked up wit ya and he was told he can’t take off the old people from his list… He is wanting to take off his ex girlfriend and other people how can he do it??

  17. jasmine

    If I go Sunday to visit my boyfriend with my mother-in-law & daughter how many visitations is that ?? Were all on the list ?

  18. jennifer

    are you allowed to visit an inmate if you have been convicted of a felony (theft) but have never served jail time and have completed your probation?

  19. Angel

    My boyfriend wants me to visit him, he is 17 and I am 15, I will be 16 in november. I do not have a texas id as of yet but I do have my highschool ID card would that be accepted as a proff of identification ? Also if I go with his mother could I be able to visit him I am on his list.

  20. Susan

    The 13 year old daughter of a female inmate is living with me while her mother is in jail. Is she required to have an ID and will I be allowed to take her for visitation if I am on the visitation list?

  21. amanda

    I just got my drivers license this morning they gave me the temporary paper one with my picture on it and everything. Can I use the paper id one to visit my cousin in county or does it have to be the actual card id?

    • admin

      Neida – If the ticket is out of one of the JP precincts you will probably be arrested for it. If it is out of SAPD they probably not arrest you for it because they would have to call an SAPD officer to come to handle it. It’s just not worth the hassle. Still, there’s no guarantee. You’re going to have to decide if the risk is worth it.

    • admin

      Zella – If the ticket is out of one of the JP precincts you will probably be arrested for it. If it is out of SAPD they probably not arrest you for it because they would have to call an SAPD officer to come to handle it. It’s just not worth the hassle. Still, there’s no guarantee. You’re going to have to decide if the risk is worth it.

  22. ana

    My in laws are coming into town this weekend to see my husband. They r on the list as well as I am. They r going to bring our kids to see him also…will we all be able to visit him sat?

    • admin

      Chris – It’s always a gamble. Odds are against it because it is more of a hassle than it is worth but they still can if they choose to. You have to decide if you want to risk it.

  23. ashley

    i am 17 years old and my boyfriend is in jail and i am on the visitors list and i want to go visit him for Christmas for a surprise how can i? can i use a school id to get in or can i just walk in with a parent i really hope to get a answer back soon. please help me

  24. David

    My daughter accidentally had her drivers license in the dryer a be it developed a bubble over her picture. The deputy Pxxxxx # 2### declined the ID so she then went ahead and got permission from the Sargent’s authority to visit only to be declined by the deputy again and reinforced with no visitation would be allowed regardless and that the Sargent was wrong for giving approval. I do not their policy but this seems to be something small that was turned into a big deal. Maybe power trips that go against providing public service by law enforcement. Remember we are talking a out a visitation nothing more.

    • admin

      David – It sounds to us as if the officer did over-react. I wonder how the sergeant feels about the officer overriding his decision? I’m betting he doesn’t know that happened. If it were me I would contact the Sheriff’s Administration to file a complaint. That number is 210-335-6010.

  25. Tiffany

    I went to visit my husband on Sunday and I went expecting a 20 minute visit like stated on the official website. I was only allowed 10 minutes. My husband is on “lockdown” due to affiliation. However, nothing states inmates on lockdown only get 10 mins.

    • admin

      Tiffany – Visitation is a privilege that can be taken away at any time. It is one of many that are used to encourage the inmates to act appropriately. They didn’t even have to give you the 10 minutes if he’s on lockdown.

    • admin

      Denise – That’s always a gamble. Odds are against you getting arrested for tickets from a municipality but it’s not impossible. You just have to decide if the risk is worth it for you.

  26. Gail

    I was really disgusted when my daughter told me she could not see her son today because the top, TOP, of her blouse was a lattice. This did not disclose any body part and the rest of her dress was conforming to your code. The dress code more or less is ok as far as covering all important areas but this one is stupid. I guess you need to go dressed like a nun. Thanks for allowing me to express my feelings re: dress code.

    • admin

      Gail – It is not our dress code. We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that tries to help people who have to deal with the real jail. We understand your frustration and have no problem with your need to vent.

    • admin

      Jennifer – It depends on what is being done. If you get stopped by a Bexar County Deputy you will get run on all levels, not just county and state but national too. If you go for a background check they can only run at a county level due to regulations by the network they use.

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