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Those wishing to visit an inmate no longer need to be on a visitation list.  Anyone can schedule a visit with the inmate.  It is still the inmate’s decision if he wants to accept the visit.  The jail will not force an inmate to visit with anyone he does not want to.  This change in visitation policy gets rid of the problem about who is immediate family.  It also avoids the problem of common-law spouses.  Couples who consider themselves married but who do not have the common-law documentation don’t have to worry about whether or not they will be accepted as the inmate’s spouse.


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  1. Angie

    I recently tryed to see my boyfriend of 7 years the second day he was sent to jail and was told that I could not see him because I was not considered immediate family. but from the above information i am. I was from out of town and had to go home without seeing him.

    • admin

      I take it you feel you qualify as a domestic partner. The definition the jail gives for domestic partner is “someone who shares an intimate, committed relationship, regardless of their gender, with the inmate”. What it does not say, but implies by using the word “domestic”, is that you have to live together. In other words it helps people who are in a common-law type relationship and it helps people who are same sex partners. Being a girlfriend does not automatically make you a domestic partner. If you still feel that you qualify then you should ask to speak to the person in charge (it could be a Sergeant or a Corporal) and let that person know your circumstances so they can decide. The front desk officers have the final say on whether you qualify or not.

      • admin

        Guadalupe – Video visitation is all that is allowed.

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  2. amber

    i recently called the jail and they told me the same thing as the first person that i could not see him because i was not a family member or married to him . But we do have a domestic relationship and im also about to have a kid with him. so i would like to know what i have to do to be able to see him.

    • admin

      Amber – Yes, we were aware of the change but forgot to update that section. Thank you for the reminder. The jail has changed their policy regarding domestic partners. They are no longer allowing domestic partners to be considered as immediate family. Trying to get documentation to verify the claim became a disaster for them. However, the immediate family designation is only an issue for the first 5 days of incarceration. After that anyone can visit as long as the inmate has added that person to their visitation list.

      The other writer was a girlfriend that did not live with her boyfriend. She did not qualify. The confusion that the “domestic partner” designation caused was no doubt another reason for the change in policy.



  4. mel basically from all the info..i was reading..can i go and visit with my boyfriend we have been living together for two years and we have a son together ..soon the info.. i provided…do you think i would qualify

    • admin

      Mel – Sorry for the confusion. The Jail changed their original policy because it got too difficult in trying to determine who qualified as a domestic partner. It is back to the immediate family during the first 5 days and only people on the inmate’s visitation list after the first 5 days.

    • admin

      Les – Right, only immediate family in the first 5 days. We have not been able to get an answer about what is needed to prove that you are immediate family. I suspect it ends up being a judgement call.

  5. Ana

    It should be an easy way to visit my son, we have try for 2 weeks for my family to see him they live with me and is hard when I know hes waiting for us inside.

  6. Donovan

    What if I am 16 and want to visit my father, may I go alone because my mother dislikes him. Can I visit him since I am immediate family?

    • admin

      Donovan – I’m sorry about the tough position you’re in. Unfortunately you are still considered a child by the Jail’s guidelines and must be accompanied by an adult. All visitors must be on the inmate’s visitation list.

  7. anay

    If I am an inmates Fiancé and have a child with him and lived with him before he was arrested, would I be able to be considered immediate family?

    • admin

      Annay – The Bexar County Jail tried to accept significant others as immediate family but there ended up being too many problems. They’ve gone back to legal relationships. No, you would not qualify as immediate family.

  8. Allison

    My 8 month old son’s father was taken in on Thursday and today is Monday. We have a domestic relationship but are not legally married. Can I visit him as of today, or as of tomorrow? Today is day 5 of him being in custody I believe.

    • admin

      Allison – You would have been able to see him on Tuesday if it was one of his visitation days and you were on his visitation list.

  9. Isabel

    My husband witch is my common law husband never took his last name but i do have his kids is currently in jail. Will I be allowed to go and see him and visit him? it has only been 4 days but after 5 days will i be considered as his spouse. I do have birth certificates of all my kids and all to prove he is the father of my kids. If i can take a notarized paper of documentation as proof that we are common law will that work? My kids father has no family has no brothers sisters aunts uncles or mother or father. We had our shares of problems and during this time he was arrested for a capias childsupport warrant on back childsupport that was owed. He was currently working but before i know it he is arrested. How can i actually see him and talk to him. Please let me know. If needed any form of documentation as far as a share in something I am willing to provide that proof. Please let me know. I currently have him on my vehicle insurance do not know if that will work

    • admin

      Isabel – After the five days it does not matter whether you are his spouse or not. All you need to be able to visit him is to be on his visitation list. He will have to put you there but once there you can visit on his assigned visitation days.

      • Jessica

        What if they are in the hospital who can we talk to or where Can i go and talk to someone.about visiting him.i been trying to get register on line.but before he went into the hospital he said he would put me on the list but i dont know if he got around to do it before he went into the hospital he cant move his body or what can i do…???

      • admin

        Jessica – Now that’s a really good question. We recommend that you call the officers at the Front Desk for an answer. Their number is 210-335-6300. And please pass on to our readers any help they can give you.

  10. Isabel

    Ok thank you. He knows nothing of the jail system and probably does not know that I am willing to drive to see him and visit him. Are they told that they have a visitation list? If so since i live far he would probably think i will not drive to see him especially since we never thought we would go through this. How will i know i am on the visitation list? Can I call a certain number to find that out? Please let me know. Also since warrant is through another county i know he will be transported but i do not know when. But i would like to know if I am on his visitation list for sure. Thank you please let me know

    • admin

      Isabel – There are copies of the inmate handbook in both Spanish and English in all the day rooms. It will have all kinds of information including on visitation. The jail does not release information over the phone regarding who is on the visitation list for security reasons. You can write him a letter asking him to put you on his list. When and inmate is transferred is not released, again, due to security reasons.

    • admin

      Monica – You should have something that indicates your relationship. If married, a marriage certificate, a rental agreement listing both of you (same last name)…but it really comes down to whether the officers at the Front Desk believe you. The immediate family thing only applies during the first 5 days. After that you will have to be on his visitation list no matter what your relationship is.

  11. janet

    My boyfriend got arrested Wednesday so his 5th day is sunday which is also his visitation day. Can I go see him since I know I’m on the list

    • admin

      Janet – Only immediate family can visit during the first five days. You will have to wait until his first regular visitation day after the initial five days.

  12. ash

    Ok iam going to.visit my cousin in jail and im taking.his.7 month old son does he also have to be on the list in order to.see his dad

    • admin

      Heather – I take it you are trying to show proof that you are his wife. In that case it does need to be the same address or you need to show something else that has both your names on it, a bill or rental agreement. Please don’t tell them you just never bothered updating your driver’s license to your new address. That’s a ticketing offense.

  13. heather

    Does the address on ur license have to match the address the inmate rights down? Also does my husband have to put the kids on the visitation list in order for them to see him they are 1 and 7

  14. brittany

    How do we find out if we’re on the visitation list? Also, I have a traffic warrant with Bexar County sheriff’s office, will I be arrested if I visit? I can’t afford the 1000$ ticket and they won’t make any arrangements with me.

    • admin

      Brittany – They won’t tell you over the phone if you are on the visitation list. You have to go in person to find out. And yes, they will arrest you if you have a warrant with them.

  15. Madi

    I understand the 5 days but does it have to bethe full 24 hours. Or if my boy friend went in Friday I could see him Tuesday since it will be 5 days. Does that work or no?

  16. arline

    My protective order is up on the symptoms29th of November and I want to see my common law husband. What do I need to do . His days are sat. And Mon.. y

    • admin

      Arline – Other than be on his visitation list you don’t need to do anything. The protective order is no longer valid after its expiration date.

  17. carmela

    Mi pareja esta encerrado en la carcel del condado de bexar no estoy casada legalmente con el pero ya tenemos mas de 2 años en union libre y tengo una Baby de 6 meses . Que papel necesito para ir a verlo mas de 6 dias encerrado hage saber que documento nesecito para ir a verlo muchas gracias

    • admin

      Carmela – Usted será capaz de verlo después de los cinco primeros días. Es posible que se necesite una lista en su visita. necesitará documento de identidad con fotografía. Llamada Central Records al 210-335-6201 para obtener información sobre su visita días y horas.

      We used a translation program (both ways) to answer this poster. If there is an error we would appreciate anyone letting us know so we can correct it. Thank you.

  18. Val

    I have tried to visit my son unsuccessfully because he has not put me on his list. If I go tomorrow and i am turned away again can I leave him any written communication or find out his floor information for writing him by post? Bless you this site has been so helpful!

    • admin

      Val – Call Central Records at 210-335-6201. They can give you his sid number and location so you can write a letter.

    • admin

      Susan – You can ask them in a letter or phone call or you can take the chance of going down there to see if you are or not.

  19. Candace

    Yes I want to know if I can go see my boyfriend he had put me on visitation as his wife but we ain’t really married yet we been together for 5 yrs I just want to know if I can go see him…

    • admin

      Candace – During the first five days only immediate family can see him. You cannot because your relationship has not be legalized. After that he can receive visits from whoever is on his list as long as there are no legal actions preventing it such as a restraining order.

    • admin

      Katie – You need to be on his visitation list before you can visit him. Write him a letter asking him to put you on. You will need his sid and location number to put on the envelope. You can get those by calling Central Records at 210-335-6301. You can receive calls from him but first you have to set up an account with ICSolutions.

    • admin

      Louis – You can ask the inmate to put you on the list when she calls or you can send a letter asking the inmate to put you on the list.

    • admin

      Raven – If it’s within the first 5 days then immediate family only. After that you have to be on the visitation list. Normally it’s one adult at a time and each time counts for one visit.

    • admin

      Mary – No. He can change his list whenever he wants to. He puts the change in during the day and it is processed overnight.

  20. alison

    my boyfriend didn’t have anyone on his list he just put me today Mondays his visits are on Tuesdays will I be on the list for the next day

  21. Wesley

    For inmate 0000000 am I on the visitors list. Also is it possible for someone there to let her know that she can call my phone ##########.

    Thank you,

    • admin

      Wesley – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people deal with the complex system at the jail.

  22. merry lu

    my son was on probation for 2 years we are of low income he helps with bills also when he was suppose to be done on 8th of jan. did not have his fines paid his probation officer put warrant on him check in on 5th and warrant still went through has been there in jail waiting on court how can he resolve his probation can he do work to pay fines cause his money from regular job helps with bills to live what can he do?

    • admin

      Merry Lu – We’re sorry you’re in such a tough position. The only thing we can suggest is you calling the probation office to see what they can do for you. 210-335-6219.

  23. admin

    Brittany – We are not the Bexar County jail. We are a private website that attempts to help people who are dealing with the jail. We understand that you’re upset but the final decision is made by the officers at the front desk. You can call them at 210-335-6300.

  24. admin

    Angel – You can send him a letter asking him to put you on his list or you can go down there and find out. They won’t tell you over the phone.

    • admin

      Veronica – You can’t get that information over the phone. You have to go down with picture identification to see if you are on the list or you can tell the inmate to put you on his visitation list either by sending him a letter or next time he calls.

    • admin

      Jasmin – You no longer need to be on a list but you do need to schedule an appointment and she does need to agree to see you.

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  25. Alex

    What do i need to have in order to be able to see someone in jail??? Cause i lost my id and dont kknow what ill be able to use to see that person

    • admin

      Alex – Official picture governmental identification.

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    • admin

      Diana – Yes.

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  26. Peace

    Can i use my International Passport (non-US) as a form of ID when visiting my friend at the Bexar County Jail? Will it be acceptable?

    • admin

      Peace – It has to be government issued I.D. with a picture. A passport qualifies even if it’s a different government.

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  27. Paulina

    Is it possible to find out who visits and/ or writes my husband? In tdc I know they submit a form called an i60 but what about Bexar county? Is there something similar?

    • admin

      Paulina – You could try submitting an open records request but I’m not sure if that information is covered under open records. I was told, a very long time ago, that they used to give out information about who was on an inmate’s visitation list. One inmate’s pregnant wife got the information and saw that his girlfriend was on the list. She went to the jail and waited. When the pregnant girlfriend showed up, the two pregnant ladies got into a fight in the lobby. Don’t know how true that story is, but supposedly it’s why they stopped releasing information about who was on the list. Same may apply to the information you want. Or maybe it’s just the inmate’s private information and they won’t release it. If you want it, submit an open records request. They either will or won’t comply, but at least you’ll have tried.

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  28. Sandy

    How can I find out how long a no contact order is in affect for so that I can visit with my fiancé? Will my visit be cancelled, if I schedule one, because of the order? I am showing up as approved on his visitation list. Can the ICSolutions app be used to visit with the inmate or would I need to be in front of a computer. Finally, when and how do IDs get checked for video visits?

    • admin

      Sandy – That is a serious problem. You need to contact the jail to let them know. This could very well be a violation of the no contact order, which could make things much worse for him.

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